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A New Step in Sustainability

A New Step in Sustainability

As Camglass, acting in accordance with environmental sensitivity and sustainability principles is at the core of our business. To this end, we have successfully established a zero waste management system and were entitled to receive the Zero Waste Certificate in 2023.

The Zero Waste Management System aims to prevent waste generation by reducing, separating, recycling, and using waste as energy at its source. Implementing this system not only reflects an environmentally sensitive approach but also aims to optimize our business processes by using resources more efficiently.

At Camglass, we have adopted zero waste principles and reviewed our production processes to minimize waste generation. We have taken various steps to reduce the amount of waste by adopting a careful approach at every stage, from material selection to production processes. Additionally, we make waste suitable for recycling by separating it and ensure its use as energy.

As a result of our efforts, we earned the Zero Waste Certificate in 2023. This certificate not only proves our commitment to environmental sensitivity and sustainability but also reflects our determination to promote continuous improvement and best practices.