Curved tempered glass presents superior advantages for residences and constructions. The inclination and the intended curving shape is gotten according to the technical drawings transmitted by the architects. After the clear glass getting tempered process, it is 5 times stronger than unprocessed clear glass. In addition, it is provided to increase safety with lamination processon curved glasses

Small Curved B10 / 4mm – 12mm
Dimensions Small Curved B10 / 4mm – 12mms
Radius 4mm - 6mm: R500 / 8mm - 10mm R700 / 12mm : R1000
Big Curved B20 / 5mm – 15mm
Dimensions Max.: 2850 x 2200 / Min.: 200 x 350 (H x Yay boyu)
Radius 6mm: R900 / 8mm - 10mm R1200 / 12mm - 15mm : R1500
Tempersiz Kalıp Bombe 4mm – 19mm