1. Our Environmental Policy

Our company, which keeps customer satisfaction in front of all cases, works by knowing that development and high quality are focused on human investment.

Our brand aims to produce high quality products; industry, change, transformation and technology to follow the product quality. As the Camglass family, we are working with the understanding that leaving a better world for future generations is a duty.By developing the principle of  "environmentally friendly brand “ and following the rules of nature and human protection, we commit ourselves to implement the rules of occupational health and safety in all our activities and to comply with the legal regulations in doing so.

2.Quality Policy

To provide international success by producing in European norms and to deliver the products to our customers in a timely manner, to ensure unconditional customer satisfaction and to continuously improve by means of quality assurance system, to comply with laws and regulations. To continuously improve our technical and managerial competencies by closely monitoring technological developments and modern practices.

To contribute to the personal and technical development of our employees. To produce in accordance with the quality policy in correct standards with zero mistake.  

In addition, the certificates of the Camglass production facilities are the guarantee of our quality.

EN 12600                               EN 1863-2 

EN 14179-2                            EN 14449

EN 12150-2


By following the sectoral changes and developments in the world, it continues to produce as a company that progreses and develops using both in production facilities and in technical development.

The company that invests not only in the product, but also in human, develops its employees and hence its employees with regular sectoral trainings to train qualified people as well as personal development trainings.